The Life of A Comedian

Life can happen to anyone. We can think things are going so well for us one minute, then the next it turns all bad. Dealing with our issues as well as how we handle our life situations is all part of learning and growing up as individuals.

The challenges we face can come at any turn, even for a comedian who has made it their life mission to make us laugh during the good, bad, and the in-between moments of our lives.

Kyndra Crump the life of a comedian

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kyndra Crump, an Atlanta up and coming comedian, on the Sights Unknown podcast, whose jokes are uniquely hers. She touches on a wide range of topics from relationships, her faith, the industry, and what it means to go after your dreams. Take a listen below.

Before, I had asked Kyndra some questions about being a comedian and some of the issues she faces going after this career (dream).

Give us a little background into who you are?

“My name is Kyndra Crump. I’m an ATLien, been here since I was zero. I’m currently getting my Bachelors in Mass Communications with a minor in radio/tv/film. The goal is to have my own radio/tv show. I like cats.”

What made you decide to fully commit to being a comedian?

“After realizing that I can make children and adults laugh naturally, along with going through a series of unfortunate events, figuring out what I wanted to be in life. I chose what came natural, and I could tastefully offend someone, without trying to offend someone.”


The life of a comedian isn’t easy. Tell us, what struggles have you had to face going after your dreams?

“Friends” and family not wanting to support you. Men wanting to sleep with you, to get your name out there.”

In your line of work, there aren’t that many female comedians that make it big. How do you plan to be successful?

“I plan on being successful by not slobbing on male knobs (unless you’re rapper The Game), and not having a wide bootyhole, because even your favorite or well known “successful” comedian has done something, it just hasn’t hit the scenes.”


Following up with the previous question, what advice would you give other potential comedians out there who want to get into the business?

“Stayed prayed up and ask God to guide you. Be around people who want to see the best in you; this includes strangers. Behind every no there is a yes. So keep asking people to help you get to where you need to be. Try the door-to-door response; you have to go to the people.”

Is there ever any chance of you thinking about quitting the comedy game and doing something else? If not, what drives you to push on in that harsh industry?

“If comedy doesn’t work, then I would like to be a child psychologist or a New York Best Seller’s times author. Those are other passions of mine.”

My listeners can definitely benefit from your advice; where can they check out your material?

“IG: Idolizedynasty
Youtube: Kyndra Crump”


I know with covid, there really isn’t much going on, especially in the entertainment arena, but do you have projects you are working on now? Any places in the near future that people can come see you in action?

“I seem to perform at quarantined house parties/my DM’s/somewhere in the Atlanta hoods.”

Yes, Kyndra Crump is one of a kind. This Atlanta comedian is one to watch out for a young, free-spirited comedian currently attending Clark Atlanta University, receiving her bachelor’s in Mass Communications with a concentration in Radio/TV/Film. She has five siblings and is the youngest girl. Welcome to her life!

Of course, no matter the circumstances, where we come from, whether we like chicken, beef, or fish, we all have hopes and dreams. We will be faced with obstacles in trying to achieve our goals but remember to keep going. There will be people who support and guide us through our journey and others who will not care to see us succeed. Just be sure of what it is that you want in life.

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Featured Pic by Allef Vinicius and Main Pic by Kyndra Crump

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